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ISABEL Counterparty Converter Tool

SEPA has introduced the requirement to use an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) & BIC (Bank International Code) instead of the old structured account numbers in BBAN (Belgium Bank Account Number) format (XXX-XXXXXXX-XX). Isabel starts from the assumption that it is better to always provide a BIC-code even if a bank offers this optionally as an added value service.

The Counterparty Converter Tool addresses three business needs:

  • Converting beneficiaries from your accountancy application to Isabel 6 in IBAN.
    Accounting packages have a lot of old account numbers that need to be replaced by the new IBAN account numbers + BIC-codes. The conversion tool allows an output & input stream from an accounting package in structured XML or TXT. The converted files will contain both old and new account numbers.
  • Converting beneficiaries from IBS5 (Isabel Business Suite 5.0) to Isabel 6 in IBAN.
    In the context of the migration to Isabel 6 and SEPA, IBS5 customers need a migrated database. Therefore, the update of the local database of the user is foreseen in the upgrade procedure.
  • Quick conversion from one account number in IBAN.
    Customers can perform a single conversion of an old account number in a new one + BIC-code.

The scope is limited to the Belgian case as it is already today; both ERP packages and Isabel databases offer the possibility to store IBAN & BIC for non-Belgian accounts.


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